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Professional Summary

Beckie Croes is currently a member of the Cigna Enterprise Strategy and Business Development team. She focuses on developing partnerships with health care providers that support Cigna's goal of making health care affordable, predictable and simple.

In 2016, Beckie launched CareAllies as a subsidiary of Cigna, focusing on the delivery of physician engagement and enablement services to provider groups participating in value based relationships with multiple payer sources.  She led CareAllies in the development of tools, resources, and actionable data to support providers in the delivery of high quality, affordable care.  Beckie presided over $2.5B in annual Medicare Advantage revenue on behalf of CareAllies clients and operated the management services organization with revenue of $113M annually with substantial margin contribution to Cigna.


Previously, Beckie was the Vice President of Delivery System for Cigna-HealthSpring, responsible for National Contracting, Provider Engagement Strategies and Delivery System Enablement. She had operational leadership responsibility for incentive agreement structures, hospital contracting strategies, and technology solutions that enable scalability. She led the development of a management service organization stand-alone product offering to support delivery system needs (now known as CareAllies).


Prior to Cigna’s acquisition of HealthSpring, Beckie held increasingly responsible leadership roles in HealthSpring and in North American Medical Management before that, mostly with an emphasis on how to engage and enable the delivery system. 


Beckie is active in her community with leadership roles in her church, including responsibility for the largest annual fund raiser, not-for-profit board participation, and committee leadership positions with the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and the Girl Scouts of the USA.  She served on the board of Cigna's Political Action Committee, organized Women in Leadership activities for Cigna and actively mentors aspiring leaders across other industries and within Cigna.

Beckie holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Political Science from Texas A&M University (whoop).   She started her MBA at the University of Houston but then took a role at North American Medical Management, where she quickly discerned that working with innovative managed care leaders in the early 1990's was the best education to be had.

Media Mentions

Interests & Aspirations

Beckie is making the most of the “pause” 2020 has granted to consider paths other than the ones expected.  She desires that those paths include avenues for enabling physicians in their quest to keep us all healthy, venues to spread grace, and the loss of status on United Airlines.

And should those paths include side-roads to cooking, wine-tasting, learning how to garden hydroponically, birdwatching, boating, spending time with friends, coaching aspiring leaders and supporting women in their vocations, then the trip will be even more enjoyable.

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